The Affordable Care Act: Affordable… or just an Act?

No matter who you are, no matter where, the Affordable Care Act, one of the largest pieces of legislation in recent history, will affect you…and not always in ways you can foresee, and not always in ways that give creaence to what the ACA is meant to do. 

First, it is about access and not affordability – individual applicants will be able to get coverage without concern about existing medical conditions, nor waiting periods once they are covered.

Second, it is about insurance and not medical care – many of the rules imposed on carriers have changed, but not the rules on how health care will be provided.

Third, there is an act – played out in various scenarios and requiring action on everyone’s part: individuals who are required to have coverage, large employers who must provide coverage, carriers and the health care industry who pay new taxes, and taxes on the rich, taxes on the middle class, and the payment of higher costs in nearly all cases.

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